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Music pieces

Current works

Dreamy reality
- a new wind quintet will be premiered on August 15!

The Crusell Wind Quintet will premiere Dreamy Reality (swe "Drömsk verklighet") during Östergötland Music Days at Hägerstad New Church (Kinda) on Tuesday the 15'th of August at 7.00 pm. A performance on the piece also on Wednesday the 16'th at 12.30 pm on Norrköpings Art Museum. More info.

Cloudes (photo by Magda Ehlers)

Fire & water
- for symphonic wind orchestra and solo clarinet 

Fire & water (swe "Eld & vatten") was premiered in 2010 in Stockholm. It is currently being revised and a third part will be added. The music piece material will be available from the beginning of autumn.  


Dew and rain

Dew and rain (swe "Dagg och regn") was written for wind quintet in 2007 and consists of the two parts 1. Dew, 2. Rain. One of the first performances was on the chamber music festival in Fredrikshavn, Denmark, where it received a lot of attention. A recording was made by the Bergslagen Wind Quintet. The recording has been played recurrent in the Swedish Radio P2 during the years.

Dew and rain is recurring music in programs with various wind quintets, for example the Crusell Wind Quintet and the Nordic Wind Quintet


The duo Kristall (mezzo-soprano Lisa Fröberg and Karin Wiberg, violin) commissioned a piece by Micaela Hoppe several years ago. With a text by Annika Andersson, "Bländad" (eng. Dazzled) was completed in the middle of the pandemic.

The premiere took finally place 2023 on March 5 in Varla Church (Kungsbacka).

The Duo Kristall (photo by Tilo Stengel)
French horn

Red Moon

"Red Moon" (Lunar eclipse) is a commissioned work from the Swedish Horn Society made for French horn and soundtrack. The piece is about 6 min.

"Red Moon" (swe. Röd måne) alludes to the color the moon takes on during a lunar eclipse, when the Earth blocks sunlight. In older times it was seen as a strong omen. The soundtrack is composed in a digital studio program with otherworldly sounds where the soloist horn really comes forward.

Kyiv (Kiev)

A piece in three movements for string quartet or string orchestra. 

The piece was composed in 2004, originally for string quartet, but rewritten for string orchestra in 2008. Micaela Hoppe was inspired to write "Kyiv" in connection with the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the three movements are inspired by the Ukrainian people:

1. Determination, 2. Patience, 3. Driving force.

The play has gained new relevance after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. Since the old spelling (Kiev) is Russian, Micaela Hoppe changed it to Ukrainian spelling. "Kyiv" is played repeatedly all over Sweden.

Violon section in an orchestra

Blue mountains shimmer in backlight

I Solisti Veneti on a bridge in Venetia

Inspired by the blue mountains in Värmland (Sweden), Micaela Hoppe wrote this piece for the opening of Sunne municipality's culture week in 2013. The piece is written for clarinet and string quartet, or string orchestra.

The string orchestra version was premiered by clarinetist Lorenzo Guzzoni with Italy's premier string orchestra I Solisti Veneti in 2016, conducted by Claudio Scimone in Padova. The work was chosen in competition with 140 other entries from 26 different countries. The piece is about 10 min. (The swedish title is "Blå berg skimrar i motljus".)

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